Monday, 23 November 2015

Google Expeditions

GOOGLEmorning everyone,

The start of week 7 has been AWESOME! Yesterday, we were lucky enough to experience what you call 'Google Expedition'. The entire school was able to have a go experiencing different places around the world in 3D, using something called Google Cardboards (the brown boxes the kids are looking through)
Miss Vaivai, went through the rules to make sure that we knew what we were and weren't allowed to do. Then, they handed us a google cardboard each and then it was adventure time. We first went to the great deep ocean. It felt like we were actually swimming with the fish and other sea creatures. It was amazing. Miss Vaivai chose the places we went to using an ipad. We travelled to the seas of American Samoa, to the Sahara Desert, visited the Congan Community, walked up Mount Rushmore and even had a look in the beautiful city of Singapore. Here are some of our pictures from our experience. ENJOY!

"Wow, look at that man on the mountain"

"Can I see if yours is the same as mine Sione?"

"Wow, I'm swimming with the sharks!"

Miss Vaivai capturing our excitement!

"Look! There's a shark!"

Judison says this is better than the movies


Here is a short video of our reaction to the different places we went to using our awesome google cardboards. 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Rowandale Primary Music Showcase

On Friday the 13th of November, our class had the opportunity to perform for the school Music Showcase. This was a time fore each class to show what they had learnt during their Jelly Beans Sessions for the past 4 weeks. We decided that we wanted to show the school and our parents that we learnt how to keep a rhythm and sing unison as a class. With the help of Toops, our Jelly Beans instructor we created our very own version of 'Flashlight'. We had Vaueli and Ma-Jireh sing solo parts and the class as a choir. As we practised it was hard for us to sway and bounce at the same time. It was so hard, that we even thought of not moving at all, but as you watch performance, you will see that we did it, when it counted most. We had so much fun and felt very proud when we walked off the stage and heard our family cheering. Enjoy our performance!

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Being Sun Smart

Wow, what a weekend!
Halloween fun and treats on saturday and then to top off the weekend, our amazing ALLBLACKS won the Rugby World Cup 2015. We really are the best rugby team in the WHOLE world.
We were so excited to come to school this morning to talk about our weekend!
Today, the fun still continued. First of all, our teacher is BACK but she returned with two extra legs (crutches). She has been away for a week because she had knee surgery. So we have been very helpful in making sure the class is clean so that she doesn't trip up on anything. Secondly, we were given visors this morning in our house colours. We are to wear it every time we are outside for either morning play, Lunch play and sports. This keeps us protected from the sun and become a little more sun smart. We cant wait to see what else we will be doing this week. Stay tuned!
#proudkiwis #missvaivaimissedroom12 #beingsunsmartiscool

Back to Back RWC Winners. "We love the ABs"

We look pretty cool in our new visors

Miss Vaivai has to wear one too

Thumbs up on being more sun smart!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Jelly Beans Week 2

Wednesday couldn't have come any quicker! That's how excited we were to attend our next session of Jelly Beans. As we walked into the hall, we noticed that Tups wasn't our instructor it was someone else. Her name is Ruth. She is a recorder expert and she was there to teach us how to play the recorder.  We started the session by singing and dancing to the song we learnt last week "clap your hands". Then, we were given a recorder each where we learnt how to blow gently on the recorder to make the sound and how to play the notes 'a' and 'b'. If we blew too hard, it made a squeaky sound, so we had to learn how to gently blow on the recorder. It was a little hard, but so much fun! Next we created a rhythm with other percussion instruments. We cannot wait for our next session.

This is us singing and dancing to "clap your hands"

"We are such good dancers!"

"This is us learning how to gently blow on the recorder"

"We are learning how to play 'a' on the recorder"

"We are experts on the recorders! Don't you think so Ruth....."

Thanks for reading todays blog. Come back to find out what we will be learning nest week at our Jelly Beans session. We can't wait!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

NIUEAN Language Week

Hi Everyone,
This week has been too fun for Room 12. We especially enjoyed today! We started the day with the Whakatau- welcoming our guests from around the world.
We then made our weaving for the Niuean Assembly after morning tea. We wanted to make ours a little bit different so we were each given a petal and had to weave through it. We had different coloured petals and then put it together to make a big flower.
After morning tea, we were lucky enough to have a guest come speak to us about Niue. She is the former Miss Niue 2011 and her name is Sandra. After her speech she did a dance for us and it was very pretty. Next, Mr Vasau spoke and performed another Niuean item for us as well. We thought that was amazing! Finally, our weaving was judged by Miss Niue and guess who won??????......

WE DID!!! According to Miss Niue, our weaving piece was the best (but we think everyone did an awesome job!)

For the winning class, Miss Fuataga presented us with a spear that was gifted to the school by her family! TAHNK YOU MISS FUATAGA and FAMILY!

Here are a few pictures from today's adventures... enjoy!

Here is our awesome Principal being proud of his culture,

Here is the beautiful Miss Niue 2011 performing

Hamyne and Shelby with Miss Niue and her cousin.

The shooting All Stars celebrating the beautiful Island of NIUE!

Jelly Beans

Earlier this week, we were able to have our first few sessions of Jelly Beans! Man was it fun. Were learnt what rhythm is and the different ways we can create rhythm. We also were able to play together as a class using different percussion instruments such as the tambourine, drums and triangle. Our awesome instructor is Tups and she kept us laughing the whole time. We can't wait for our next Jelly Beans Session! Here are some of our photos from this week.

We loved creating a rhythm as a class

It's the tambourine groups turn.

Here's Tups and she is teaching us that we can create rhythm by using the syllables in our name.

-Stay tuned for more Jelly Bean adventures with Room 12!

Monday, 14 September 2015

DUFFY Theatre

Today was AWESOME!
We were very lucky today to have the Duffy Theatre come and share with us how reading is SO MUCH FUN. Today after lunch, the IA's and HF's met 3 very funny people Olive, Bob and Kolopa. They did all sorts of funny things in their show today. Their was Harry Potter, Maui and the Son, a few dinosaurs and we even saw Cleopatra too. We laughed so much today especially because Duffy was so funny. We all learnt that reading books helps us use our imagination and brings the books we read to life. Reading can also help us write better. Here are some photos of todays awesome show.

                                      Meeting the awesome crew; Olive, Bob and Kalopa            

No blinking incase we miss something ....

                          Duffy reading about Pyramids and Cleopatra all the way from Egypt

Siena reading about Harry Potter...

                                     Our very own fruit and vegetable trees from Rowandale